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Welcome to Brilliant Nose! 
Dog training focusing on
nose activation


After longing for a dog for almost 30 years, I realized my living situation finally allowed me to get my first four legged best friend. Right away, I started reading about different breeds and I decided to go for a miniature poodle due to them being emotionally aware and naturally smart.


However, I soon noticed that I actually didn't know how to properly cater to all of my dog's needs. This started my journey of reading about dogs, joining webinars about dogs, taking 20+ dog courses etc and finally signing up for a dog instructor course. I got my dog instructor certificate in October of 2022 from Glada Jyckar.

I only use reward-based training methods, supported by up-to-date scientific research.



Basic Puppy Course

Getting a new fluffy family member is amazing, but it's not always a walk in the park (pun intended). 

Puppies need to sleep, get socialized, be potty trained, learn to stop biting, walk on a leash, come when called and much more.

This course will go over the basic needs of your puppy and give you the tools to foster a great relationship with your new family member.

If your dog is over 7 months, check out the "Everyday Activation Course" instead. 

60min x1: 500SEK | 60min x3: 1200SEK

Everyday Activation Course

Do you want your adult dog to learn how to walk on a leash, come when called, learn to stay put and at the same time have fun together? Then this is the course for you. 


 During the course we will go over the basics of dog behaviour, learn easy and fun exercises you can do with your dog to get the behaviour you want. 

We will also talk about the importance of giving your dog daily mental activity and enrichment and go over some suitable daily activities. 

60min x1: 500SEK | 60min x3: 1200SEK

Brilliant Nose Course

Dog's sense of smell is truly impressive. It's estimated that it's between 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours. So naturally, dogs need and want to activate their noses.


A popular saying (not scientifically proven) is that 10 min of nose activation equals an hour of walk in regards to how tired dogs become. Doing nose activation exercises can also be used as a way of getting the dog's energi down before a walk i.e. decrease pulling on the leash.

This course will go over some fun and easy nose activation exercises that your dog will love that you'll be able to do both at home and outside on your daily walks. 

60min x1: 500SEK | 60min x3: 1200SEK



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