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Dog Gadgets

After having tried quite a few dog related products on the market, I've collected my favorite ones on this page. 

This is not a complete list of  all the dog gadgets you need for your dog. Always make sure that any dog gadgets/training gear you get for your dog can't hurt them in any way.  If you have any recommendations of dog gadgets to try out, please don't hesitate to send an email to

Activity Toys

Using activity toys can be a great way to mentally stimulate your dog every day. Make sure you don't pick something that is too hard for your dog so s/he gets frustrated. Also, don't leave your dog with the activity toys unattended if your dog might bite on it and swallow the pieces.​

  • The Buster Activity Mat is great for beginners and pros and it can be changes every time.  Can be found on several sites online, like here and here

  • Nina Ottoson has a large variety of pussels for dogs, check out her site here

  • Pawsler has created a modular based pussel for dogs, check it out here.

  • A "snuffle mat" is great for e.g. serving breakfast kibbles, check out this one.

  • If you have a breed with shortened snouts, this Trixie Roly Poly Snack Egg could be suitable. 

  • A Kong is a must have and can be used in so many ways. Read more about it here.

  • A Topple has the same function as a Kong but a different design, learn more here.

  • This small snake shaped soft pussel is great for brining with you when going to a dog friendly resturang or to a friends place to keep your dog stimulated. Check it out here

Dog Care

On top of food, daily walks, mental stimulation and enrichment activities you need to brush your dogs teeth, make sure their ears are clean, take care of their fur etc. ​Here are some dog care gadgets that makes it easier.

  • The Trixie Dog Care PVA Towel Highly Absorbent is great for drying your dog after a rainy walk, a swim or a shower. Find it here.

  • This small Grooming shears from Biltema is perfect for small e.g. poodles or trimming between their paws. It's very important to keep it trimmed between their "toes" as it prevent debris like thorns getting stuck. Get it here.


Your dog needs to have one or more cozy spaces that are their own. Where they can sleep during the night or take a nap during the day without the risk of getting disturbed. 

  • IKEA has a really nice and affordable dog bed. Check it out here

  • The Trixie Tammy blanket is really cozy, find it here.

  • If you want a customized blanket with you dogs name,  check out this Etsy store.

Dog Tech

There are very interesting dog tech products popping up on the market. For example this dog tracker from Spåra is something I really want to try out soon. 


Most dogs don't like to wear clothes, but with a bit of reward based training you can teach most of them to be okay with wearing a rain coat or a winter jacket. Since all dogs have very different measurements, you usually need to try out a few styles until you find a good fit. 


These are a few of my favorite dog harnesses. Since all dogs have very different measurements, you usually need to try out a few styles until you find a good fit. 

These three harnesses are a good choice if you have a larger dog and want a harness that can also be clipped to the chest, so that if the dog pulls, the body is turned to the side. These harnesses make it easy to switch between training walking nicely on a leash and taking a break.

If you have a smaller dog who does not pull on the leach that much, this "step-in" model from Tre Ponti is recommended. Many dogs like not having to put their head through a harness so this is a good alternative.

If you want to be able to go out for a run with your dog, it's a good idea to invest in a good running harness. This one from Non-Stop Dogwear Free Motion usually fits most dogs really well.


There are so many great books about dogs. Below are some of my favourites.  As many of them have not yet been translated into English, check out the Swedish page here to view the full list. 

Human Clothes

Having a dog requires going out every day, no matter how bad the weather is. You'll most likely also find yourself having treats in every pocket. Here are some human clothes and gadgets, to make things easier. 

  • The best dog training jacket on the market is by far the Bolliam. Learn more here.

  • A good and affordable dog training vest can be found at Engelson here.


If you like most dog owners love to bring your dog with you, here are some good things to make it smoother and more comfortable for both of you. 

  • Trixie Bicycle basket can easily be installed on your bike. Find it here.

  • There are quite a few different portable water bottles for does. Here are my 3 favorite ones:

    • This one from Amazon, where it's easy to poor the water back into the bottle. 

    • This small one from Trixie, where the lid is used as the bowl when turned upside down. 

    • This one from Kurgo, that makes is easy to share water.

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